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Women’s Skills Development Project in Textiles: Known as the Upcycling Project.  The purpose is 1) to reduce garment manufacturing textile waste and improve the environmental footprint in garment manufacturing, to 2) support skills development for women artisans with the goal of 3) providing income for women artisans which can become a 4) self-sustaining program.  The Upcycling Project uses post-production scrap fabric to create value-added accessories. The textile industry generates huge volumes of post production fabric scrap (up to 30% of manufacturing is scrap).  

The Upcycling Project uses trend-driven collections of artisan upcycled products for both the domestic Indian and international markets, which in turn creates a self-sustaining cycle of income generation and reduces waste in the textile industry. The products include homewares (quilts, bags, aprons, hot pads), fashion accessories, toys and dolls, garment trims).  The Upcycling Project will partner with local women’s organizations/non-profits in Jaipur whose mission is to provide skills training (specifically textile/sewing skills) to minority and disadvantaged women. 


Conservation of Heritage Crafts: Traditional Hand Block Printing in the Jaipur Region.  This project includes: documentation, preservation and re-enlivening of vegetable dye block printing industry.  It is jointly a social development, conservation and environmental conservation project.  The project involves interviewing block printers, video taping and collecting historical, cultural and technical information about the art of block printing so that the full story can be told.  The aim is awareness building, cultural exchange, regeneration of the market demand for block prints and, in connection to water security, reintroduction of vegetable dyeing for best environmental sustainability of the textile industry.

“Bridging the Gap”, Education and outreach programs in collaboration with Mehera Shaw Textiles Pvt. Ltd.  This project includes 1) hosting international textile print design interns from Europe and the US as part of a training program in teaching young designers to work with block prints. The internship program is part of a larger awareness building platform to bridge the gap across the supply chain and cross culturally.  2) a workshop program and participation at conferences internationally in the UK, US and Germany on supply chain transparency, bridging the gap and artisan methods of production.

Artisan Resource Platform for artisan suppliers in India to allow transparent sharing of resources, education, market access, developing cradle-to-cradle production techniques to improve sustainability in India’s artisan and organic textile supply chain.

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