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Internship Programs

If interested in interning with us and you have a background in the area of social development projects, women's development, artisan textiles, pattern development, hand sewing techniques or knowledge of India and Hindi, please contact us.  We offer 2-3 month internships specifically with our women's development upcycling project.

If you are a professor, work in academia or in the non-profit sector and are interested in a discussion day or workshop with our staff, please write to


Join Us!

If you are interested in and passionate about development projects with textile/craft artisans, we welcome you to join hands with us.  You can support us by becoming a volunteer, mentor or trainer, or by promoting our artisan product and development programs among your friends, colleagues and communities.  As a volunteer or intern, we will provide free intensive training and project support to you as well as in-depth practical experience in the textile craft and development sector.  It is an excellent opportunity to help empower artisans.  Join us in helping artisans to help themselves. Write an email to Dr. Shari Keller at to inquire about current opportunities.




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