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Clean Water 4 Artisans

MeheraShaw plans improved filtration to retain, reuse and recycle water in traditional block-printing dying and manufacturing.

Mehera Shaw needs to upgrade our facility’s water-filtration system, as the final step toward becoming a GOTS-certified manufacturer of artisan-made organic textiles and garments.

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.”

Mahatma Gandhi


We’re asking you to help pay for our new water filtration system, which will cost $25,000. 
We’re also offering you the opportunity to invest in something much more significant: 

The lives of artisans who use centuries old hand-blocking techniques to make those textiles, and the economic well-being of their villages in Rajasthan, India.
We recognize the beauty and value of their skills, and strive to preserve them.


Your investment, no matter how large or small, will contribute to the prosperity of our artisans and their families. Increased financial stability allows them to educate their children, improve their living conditions and contribute to the health and environmental well-being of their village communities. 

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