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an integrated philosophy

The Foundation works in an integrated and fully transparent manner with Mehera Shaw Textiles Pvt. Ltd., to help people help themselves without discrimination.  Our philosophy is one of emancipation through work, skill building, dignity.  The focus is on the artisan textile sector in India, in making viable, high-quality products for both the Indian and foreign market.  We also emphasize cradle-to-cradle design and implementation, renewable energy, resource building and transparency throughout the value chain.

Mehera Shaw believes in integrating both our private limited company with our non-profit development foundation.  We see an integrated, vertical business model as the strongest approach to offering a high-quality, value added product to both the high-end women’s market and the rising middle-class market.  The value-added component is a fundamental strength--it is the human factor--jobs creation, skills building training for rural artisans, fair trade labour standards, supporting improved sustainability in garment production and reducing environmental waste.


Meher Road Foundation is a Government of India registered non-profit organization located in Jaipur, Rajasthan (newly founded in April 2017), whose mission is sustainable artisan development.  This includes projects which focus on livelihood creation and cradle-to-cradle models which foster economic and environmental sustainability. the Foundation works specifically with textile artisans in the Jaipur region of India, using a mentoring approach to skills development, market access and improved environmental standards and in order to establish community-based livelihoods. 


The Foundation encourages sustainability and a dignified life to artisans involved in the artisan textile value chain by assuring them of fair trade practices, ethical leadership, social values, mutual respect, trust, financial security and a humanitarian approach. Meher Road Foundation is involved in 4 main project areas of artisan support: upcycled fashion accessories, water filtration/restoration/organic farming, block printing conservation, and “bridging the gap” cross cultural education programs and networking for both artisans and designers.



Jaipur, India

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